Welcome to Scintillation 3


There will be no Scintillation in 2021. There's no word about the border opening. Vaccinations are happening, but unevenly, and it's not possible to get any guidance as to whether it will be legal to have events in Québec in October. We thought about pushing it back, but then it runs into both World Fantasy (still planned to be in Montréal, still planned to be at least partly in person) and winter. The hotel are very reluctant to commit, and keeping the whole thing as a possibility was making us anxious, and of course the closer it gets the harder it is for people to commit. The worst result would be having a con and losing money so we can't do it other years. So we decided we'd be better to just cancel again, and have the best Scintillation ever in 2022.

We've asked the hotel to pencil us in for Thanksgiving weekend 2022, October 7-9th 2022

I have a list of "Things to fix before next year". Covid is on the top of it. We're getting there. Most of the committee are at least half vaccinated.

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