Welcome to Scintillation 3


We're delighted to announce that Scintillation 3 will be taking place on the weekend of June 10th to the 12th, 2022, in the Holiday Inn, Montréal, the same one with a pagoda on the roof where Scintillation 1 and 2 took place. We will have programme, expeditions, a picnic, and as much fun, friends, and conversation as possible under the circumstances. We're doing our best to have Scintillation in a difficult situation. We want to see you! We have missed you all so much. We're not waiting until the pandemic is over, because we don't know what over even means any more.

Pandemic Safety

While the pandemic continues, it seems to us that summer is a safer time for conventions, which is mostly why we're doing it in June. We will be requiring masks and proof of vaccination, and any other health measures required by the province of Québec. All attendees must be fully vaccinated.

Coming to Scintillation

We will inform members nearer the time what the situation is for entering Canada -- right now the border is open, and it's possible to fly here from overseas or the US, and to drive here from the US. The train is not presently running across the border, but it may be by then. Via Rail trains are running from other parts of Canada. Canada currently requires a recent PCR test for entry, but this may change. It also requires downloading the ArriveCan app and filling it out, and this is less likely to change.


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