Welcome to Scintillation 3


Scintillation is a small literary focused science fiction convention on the weekend of October 23rd to the 25th, 2020. All people of goodwill are welcome.

If you like reading science fiction and fantasy and talking about what you've read, if you'd like to meet up with other people for conversation about books, writing, and building the future, you'd enjoy Scintillation and we'd enjoy having you. 

It will take place in the Holiday Inn in Chinatown in Montréal – for those who know it, that's the one with the pagoda on the top. It's a lovely hotel with a koi pool in the foyer and many excellent function rooms of different sizes. Montréal is a beautiful city with an excellent food culture, and a delightful place to visit. It's easily accessible by train from New York, Ottawa and Toronto, and it has an airport for those who prefer to fly.

We still have memberships (see Registration above) but Scintillation 1 reached our membership cap of 200 early, and when that happens memberships will close (and we will update this paragraph). Whether or not we are at capacity, registration will close October 12th, 2020, there will be NO at the door registration, so the sooner you buy your membership the better. Registration is available at three levels, supporting for $15 lets you keep in touch with the con and gives us money. A supporting membership can be converted to Attending at any time up to the point when memberships close. Attending -- this is what it's all about, you can come to the con! Benefactor -- you get an attending membership for yourself, plus we will gift a membership on your behalf to somebody whose presence we feel will enhance the convention.

We will run a single track of panels in the big room, with a parallel track of readings and presentations in the small room. There will also be a games room with board games (and do feel free to bring your own) and a consuite with tea and chocolate. There will be a party in the hotel on Saturday evening with cake and a cash bar. Programming begins on Friday at 18.00, but the fun starts at 11am with dim sum followed by expeditions in the afternoon.

If you wish to be put on our mailing list so we can keep you up to date about the convention, please subscribe to our tinyletter.

Scintillation was begun by a Kickstarter run by Jo Walton in November 2017 which had an overwhelming response, being funded almost immediately and reaching all of our stretch goals so we had to make up some new ones.  We did the because the real worry of running a convention is the finances -- if people don't buy memberships until the last minute you can't make proper plans for what rooms you need and it's very stressful. An unexpected and awesome side effect of the Kickstarter was that a lot of new people came, people whose first convention it was, who found the way we reached out with the Kickstarter welcoming, whereas they may have been more intimidated by established conventions and not sure if they'd be welcome. If this sounds like you, please come! We want you. We particularly welcome both new and established fans of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and nationalities. Come and join the conversation.


The hotel is wheelchair accessible. There are stairs between the main programme room on 3 and the lobby and the other programme room on 2, but it's also accessible by elevator, and we will put arrows to/from the elevator so you can find it. We will leave time between items for people moving between rooms. (We screwed up on this the first time around, but we've fixed it since.) We will use microphones in the big programme room, but not in the little programme room. We will have reserved seating at the front in both rooms for anyone needing it for accessibility reasons. If you have any accessibility concerns not mentioned or issues we can help you with, please let us know now so we can make plans, or if it's something that comes up at con, let us know then and we'll do our best.